Fishing In Helen Georgia

Fishing in Helen Georgia. Local Fishing At Gabby’s Cabins in Helen.


Rainbow trout are a main staple for most fishermen in Helen Georgia. However, there are many species available in the nearby lakes such as bass, catfish, crappie, and bream.

The upper portion of the Chattahoochee River runs through the entire city of Helen Georgia, and is open year round, and is regularly stocked with rainbow trout.

Fishing at Gabbys Cabins in Helen
Fishing at Gabbys Cabins in Helen

One of my absolute favorite activities  is to spend the day fishing in Helen Georgia for my limit of nice mountain fresh rainbow trout.The rainbow trout typical size is around 12″, but there are several taken out on a daily basis as large as 19″.

Be aware that during the summer season the portion of the Chattahoochee River running through Helen Georgia between the hours of about 11:00am to 7:00pm is so full of tubers that you have to drive a few miles outside of the main city area up into the Chattahoochee Wildlife Management Area (WMA) to get a decent fishing spot. The Chattahoochee River running through the WMA is a seasonal trout stream, and is also regularly stocked.

Fishing In Helen Georgia.


Whether you are wading your way down the Chattahoochee River through the city of Helen Georgia, or up in the Chattahoochee WMA, both are almost certain to yield your daily limit in perfect size fresh rainbow trout ready for a night of excellent grilling.

The trout fishing is perfect from around March till around the end of June.  The Helen GA Tubing operations begin on Memorial Day every year, and end on Labor Day every year.  So if you are fishing in Helen Georgia during the Helen Ga Tubing times, make sure you are up and on the river early in the morning, and plan on getting run off the river by the Helen GA tubing crowd by around 11:30am

The best way to fish the Chattahoochee River through Helen Ga. is to put on a set of chest-high waders, choose a spot to begin, and just work your way downstream until you are tired, or until you have caught your limit. There is really no one stretch to fish thats better than the other. The entire stretch is full of many deep holes and decent size rainbow trout.

The main baits to use are crickets, corn, and spinners. The most successful spinners seem

to be any of the rooster tails. The only place I know you can by crickets anywhere near

Helen Georgia is at the Kwik Sac convinient store just down from the Helen Flea Market. The crickets there are a bit pricey, so you may want to try to get a tube or two somewhere else before you get there. Farm House Produce on the way to Helen sells them at a reasonable price.

One really good part about fishing the Chattahoochee River through Helen GA is that the majority of the day you are under shady trees, and that can make for a perfectly enjoyable day when the temperature is climbing up during late spring, summer, and early fall.

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Helen Ga. Map

Gabby’s Cabins in Helen

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